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Beginning this relationship

As with all relationships, there is no formula for this. Every relationship has a different beginning, but all relationships also require a strong foundation, and it only works if you're all in. This is a matter of the heart, not just saying the 'right' words, knowing the right things and changing a few behaviors. 

So what's the foundation of this relationship?


Acknowledge who God is. So many of us grew up with an inaccurate idea of who God is. He is not an angry judge waiting to condemn you for your mistakes. He is a loving father, sovereign over all things who genuinely wants a personal relationship with you.

He created You, He purposed your life and He wants to be known by you.


Accept Jesus Christ. Without Him, we have no way to have a relationship with God. When He descended to earth, took on the wrath intended for and deserved by us, and resurrected, He bridged the gap between us to God. He is the perfect Son of God, sacrifice and Savior. An intentional decision to believe that and live accordingly is necessary on your part to have a relationship with God.


Be all in. Here's the thing about relationships...they only work if both sides are all in. God sent Jesus to make a way for you to know Him, so we know He's all in. Now it's up to you. If you acknowledge who God is and accept the sacrifice of Christ, it's time to commit to this and live for Him. God's not asking for a laundry list of tasks from you, He's asking for your heart because He's the only one that can make it whole.

I've accepted Jesus. Now what?

Learn about Him.
As in any new relationship, you will want to learn about the other person. God has written an entire book to help us do just that. And that book, the Bible, is the best selling book of all time! Start with the Gospel of John and read a chapter each day.

Communicate with Him.
Talk to God straight from your heart. He already knows all about your life. There is no need

to pretend about anything. He knows all about you and He loves you. He is the most loving father the world has ever known.

Get plugged into a church.

Being involved in a local church is a great way to start understanding this relationship, and meet people that can walk alongside you in this. Look for a church that teaches the Bible and is interested in helping you develop your personal relationship with God. If you would like help with any of this, contact us. We'd love to help you find a church!

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